The Oval Table!

Where you get to express your veiws on Politics and Environmental Issues.

**Please Remember ALL opinions are Respected and Welcomed!**

Q) How do you feel after hearing and watching this video?


3 thoughts on “The Oval Table!”

  1. Not at all…No they shouldn’t …to me it was no proof provided …

    • In the united states they are the out siders hands down, they are looked down on as people that dont belong here. Bin-laden came from another group of muslims but they are still looked at as all being the same…just like black people no matter what they will be considered as 2nd class!

      • How can the muslims be out siders? When the US is made up of so many different kinds of people. People forget that we CANT judge a whole group of people based on a few crazies. Honestly in 2011 black people are NOT considered 2nd class. In this time of day nobody is 2nd class. Im not the president but I think he did what he felt was right for the US.

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